2020 has proven to be the most challenging year for the entire planet. As we all learn to navigate our new reality, we must question how this changes our workday and what happens to daily commuting with a personal vehicle? This project explores the design and material possibilities of how we interact with our cars during and after a global pandemic. 

Sketches are by Tanner Van De Veer.
Photoshop material renderings were created by myself.
Wheel proposals have been desaturated and blurred due to an NDA contract. 
Our first persona, Sarah, is an interior designer in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her theme is Poised Opulence. This theme is trendy, and home inspired. It emphasizes calming spaces. It features hints of subtle sheen, natural wood, and ambiance.  
Our second persona, Levi, is the husband of Sarah. He is the owner of a business that focuses on outdoor activities. Because he works in the city, he wants to be stylish but shows off his dynamic personality. He is influenced by nature and has an appreciation for materials and craft. The orange conveys his high energy while the other colors show his grounding side. His theme is Elemental Experience. 
Levi has a second mossy green colorway. This colorway has more leather making it a little more luxurious than the orange and charcoal counterpart.  This colorway is influenced by our interior design intern Tanner Van De Veer. He and I were able to collaborate to reimagine this theme in additional color and material breakup. 
Our final persona is Alex; she is the child of Sarah and Levi. Her theme is Shifted Modernity. She is the maker of messes, which influences the use of materials in this theme. She embodies the post-COVID 19 lifestyle. She is hopeful and positive. She emphasizes smooth and soft-touch materials that are easy to clean. Overall this theme is meant to increase simplicity in a complicated time. 

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